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Ticino, after four days of agony, died in the 52-year-old involved in the front of the April 25,

After three days of agony, the 52-year-old involved in a frontal happened on the evening of April 25, in Tender, in the Canton of Ticino is expired at the sky. A car driven by a 77enne was entered against hand on the A13, and after some hundreds of metres, has colliso the front of the car driven by a...


Luino, via the entries in the XXII “Camp Verbano” in the Sports Centre of the Youth of Tender

He arrived at the twenty-second edition of the “Camp " Verbano” to Tender, in these years, in the summer, has welcomed numerous children and teenagers from all over our territory. A paradise of sport that will bring all the participants to spend time together, sharing the passion for the sport. Here...

Champagne for the men (and women) of the sea

The sun starts to set on the Cala di Volpe bay, the boats return to port, the evening is beautiful, the sea smooth as oil. On board, everything is in order, the flute of crystal (even if their fame is in decline) shine in the pinkish light, while on the tray the sandwiches are waiting in strict order...