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Men&Women: Luke has organized an outdoor Teresa Langella

Teresa, at a concert Irama with Luke At the concert Irama, the current boyfriend of julia De Lellis, some fans have spotted Teresa Langella e Luca Daffrè. The suitor wanted to surprise her, so he organized this special external. Both have sung the songs, exchanging endearments and hugs during the musical...

Men&Women: Nilufar Addati does not hold back the tears in the studio

Nilufar crying following an accusation The recording of today, the 12th of October, of the throne Over Men&Women has played a key role Nilufar Addati and Jordan Mazzocchi. In the studio they spoke of their journey to " Temptation Island, their history goes swimmingly and tears of Nicolò Ferrari.The...


Men&Women: Riccardo Guarnieri unmasked by the temptress

The conversation secret Monday, September 10, Men&Women, has aired the first episode of the Throne Over. The fans have discovered that the love story between Ida Plane and Riccardo Guarnieri has come to an end. The checkers found that it has exchanged a few messages on Instagram with Stefani Noble.The...