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Simona Ventura, after Gerò Carraro has a new boyfriend: this is who is

The host piedmont at the center of the gossip After the resounding farewell to the entrepreneur Gerò Carraro and Simona Ventura has a new love. To launch the scoop was the portal, according to which the artist from turin would have embarked on a romantic relationship for more than a month...


Lara Zorzetto, yet another dig by the girls of Temptation Island

Lara Zorzetto is over once again under attack. The other girlfriends of Temptation Island have made a gesture against the girl. Temptation Island, all against Lara Zorzetto last summer is aired the fifth edition of Temptation Island, conducted by Filippo Bisciglia. Girlfriends, sent to the village in...

Men&Women: Ivan Gonzalez will replace Mara Fasone on the throne

Ivan Gonzalez is the new tronista A user social has posted on Instragram a picture that portrays Ivan Gonzalez, ex-tempter of Temptation Island Vip, intent to shoot a video for the streets of Rome. Many believe that that's the presentation used to present the new tronista of Men&Women. In reality, Ivan...