Temptation Island

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Temptation Island 2019, a couple bursts immediately

The girlfriend Jessica is head over heels for a tempter Temptation Island 2019 return on Canale5 with the first episode of its sixth edition. The run, once again, Filippo Bisciglia, who will have his beautiful work cut out for them with the six pairs of boyfriends that have proven to be turbulent in...


Temptation Island, the former protagonist in the depression: ‘I don't deserve to live, leave me in peace’

A former protagonist of Temptation Island has had a hard rein on the social in which he said suffer from depression and want to be left in peace. Temptation Island, Michael De Giorgio, depressed, and only after participating in the reality Michael De Giorgio was one of the protagonists of the last edition...

Filippo Bisciglia to Come to me reveals the background of Temptation Island and his relationship with Maria De Filippi

Filippo Bisciglia guest to Come to me by Catherine Balivo has revealed some of the behind the scenes of his private and professional life. In particular, he spoke of Maria De Filippi and Temptation Island. Filippo Bisciglia: ‘this is why Mary has wanted me’, five years, that Filippo Bisciglia is the...