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Weather alert: thunderstorms, hail and gusts of wind

From the afternoon of today and, in particular, between the hours of the evening and the early hours of tomorrow, Friday, August 10, instability of the atmospheric increase and the probability of thunderstorms is also strong, accompanied by hail and gusts of wind, especially in the areas of the north...

Severe weather: severe weather warning for thunderstorms and hydrogeological risk

The operations Room of the civil Protection of the Lombardy Region, on the basis of the weather forecast issued by Arpa-Smr has issued two communications, one of ordinary criticality (code yellow), the number 26 and 27, for hydrogeological risk, starting from midnight on the homogenous areas, IM-01 (Valchiavenna,...

Coming up this evening thunderstorms and showers on the upper part, will continue tomorrow

After the heat of these past few days, with sunshine and high temperatures runs the risk of thunderstorms and showers, which are expected to occur from this evening. The operations Room of the regional civil Protection issued a warning of moderate criticality for hydrogeological risk in the temporal...