Technical Office

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Lavena Ponte Tresa, works on the roof of the gym. Changes to the circulation

There are two measures relating to the temporary changes of the circulation established for the area in front of the gym in via Nolina in Lavena Ponte Tresa. It communicates with an ordinance, the Local Police body, in reference to the request made by the Technical department of the municipality to ensure...

Germignaga, initiated the process for the restoration of the old wash-house to the Grove

History and tradition meet in a corner of the Grove of Germignaga where soon the memory of the everyday life of a time, the features of which are today unknown to the majority of the young people, returned to its original location. The old wash house, used by women to wash clothes on the banks of the...


Laveno Mombello, from tomorrow to via temporary changes to the traffic in the centre

The event will begin at 8 a.m. Wednesday, June 6, a speech to the sewer system which will involve many of the streets in the city centre of Laveno. It communicates with an ordinance by the command of the Local Police, specifying that, in relation to the safety measures to be adopted for the carrying...