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That clash between Antonella Elia and the sisters Mega Chiambretti: fly big words and insults various

Among the guests of an episode of the CR4-La repubblica delle donne in onda l’11 December 2019 on the Network 4, there were also the sisters Mega. Taylor we know it very well and her sister is just as beautiful and eye-catching. In the studio you talk to these new trends, and examples that come from...


Erica Piamonte and Giorgia Caldarulo: clash social for Taylor Mega

It's only been a few days since the photo of the kiss Taylor Mega with Giorgia Caldarulo has left unsettled the former gieffina Heather Piamonte. Between the Heather and the note influencer there was just a simple friendship, at least for the Piamonte on Instagram has explained his relationship with...

GF 16 news, Francesca De André shoots to zero on Gennaro and Taylor Mega: all of the accusations

Francesca De André continued to argue inside the house of the Gf 16 but perhaps, above all, outside. The contestant of the famous reality show of Channel 5, after the sharp quarrel had in the last hour of Gennaro Lillio continues to speak badly of the guy but he has words for Taylor Mega, guest of the...