Tapir gold

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Tapir gold for Belen Rodriguez after the meeting with Iannone, but there are also Giulia De Lellis and the prosecution of the paparazzi (Photos)

Belen Rodriguez (photo) with the tapir gold that you will receive tonight from Strip the news can really count a nice number for his collection, but the reason for which the performer receives the nth tapir by Valerio Staffelli? Between the Made and remade and tapirs is often among the services of the...

Tapir gold Marco Columbro after the clash with the d'urso: “I have cheated, used only to make you listen to”

In the episode of Strip the news broadcast on the 9th of October 2019 Valerio Staffelli will deliver a tapir gold Marco Columbro. The actor this week has been the protagonist of a scene a lot of fun for some, little for others, in the direct Live-Not the d'urso broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday evening....

Belen Rodriguez says the tapir, and reveals the background on the divorce with Stephen

In an episode of Striscia la notizia, aired on April 4, 2019 Belen Rodriguez has been achieved by Valerio Staffelli for the umpteenth delivery of a tapir gold. The beautiful show girl is attapirata because it was postponed to the judgment, together with Stefano de Martino, for an assault made by two...