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Keyforge: here are all the launch party of AsmOPlay

There we are, all to the launch party of the official Keyforge organized by AsmOPlay are finally online on the official website of Asmodee Italy. We go to know them and then one by one. Keyforge: the complete list of tournaments / launch party organized by AsmOPlay Ladies and gentlemen here is the List...

Sells a card ultra rare Yu-Gi-Oh! counterfeit. Arrested

It happened in Japan, where a girl of little more than 20 years bought from a guy of 29 years old card ultra rare Yu-Gi-Oh! the counterfeit at the price of 400,000 yen (i.e. a little more than 3,100 €). Buy a card ultra rare Yu-Gi-Oh! on the internet, for about 3000 €, but then she finds out that [...]The...