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Recipes Cooked and Eaten, the tiramisù with strawberries

Another dessert recipe from cooking and Eating and is the recipe for the tiramisu with strawberries. There are many recipes Cooked and Eaten from which to carry out so many goodies and Tessa Gelisio has thought about the fruit you like most to prepare this tiramisu. It's almost time for strawberries...


The apple cake home Made for you, the recipe of Benedetta Rossi

From new recipes by Benedetta Rossi in the recipe of the apple pie today, may 9, 2020, the recipe of home Made for you for a perfect cake for breakfast, but not only. Today the recipes of home made for you are for sweets, the ones for the breakfast, easy and fast to prepare. The apple pie may not be...

The recipes of Renato Ardovino, the pasticelle neapolitan

From the recipes of The sweet world of Renato the recipe to make the pasticelle neapolitan fried, are the classic sweets that you prepare during the Christmas season but not only are the pasticelle like always and all. Boiled chestnuts to which we add the melted chocolate, but also the texture that gives...