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If the First, “A variant to create a link road and connect via Lugano in the centre”

Continue to keep your tour in Luino the case for the company First, we have addressed these days on several occasions. The company, in fact, according to what has been learned before in the Commission's Territory, and later in the city council, it would be the expropriation of a part of the property...

Luino, AlpTransit, and level crossings: “Pellicini, Pd, and interested municipalities together for the region”

A first comparison of institutional between political parties, majority and minority, it has consumed yesterday evening, during the Commission of the Territory concerning the elimination of level crossings in view of the activation of the AlpTransit. To ask for an increase in political commitment between...


Steps to levels, underpasses, and roads and traffic: from here goes the future planning of Luino

The drafts of the designs, presented yesterday in the Commission's Territory, that should reconfigure the viability of the city centre of Luino, concerning the closure of via Voldomino and via San Pietro, close to both level crossing. An investment of 3.5 million euros and the works should be completed...