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The italians can't do without their smartphones

A study conducted by the Honor demonstrates what everyone already knew: italians do not seem to be able to do unless you plan to use continuously their smartphone.   The 59% of italians, for example, hates when their other half does not raise his head from the phone even when the waiter arrives to...


Work, the power wears out who has it: the heads of die 3 years earlier

The story of Licio Gelli, the former head of the P2 masonic Lodge died at 97 years of age, would not seem to confirm it. But his was a power, a dark, swampy, evil, twisted to the most profound mysteries of Italy. A power parallel, marked by the dark side of public life. In general, however, the stress...

Siri beats Google Now and Cortana, in the evaluation of satisfaction of the users

I published the results of a survey called “Battle Of the Virtual Assistants” where the users were asked to rate their satisfaction with their intelligent assistants; Siri, Google Now, and Cortana that were asked identical questions, Siri has obtained the highest scores, with 81% of users stated that...