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Wins a million euros on the Lotto but not the re-roll counter: the risk of losing the payout

Feed Released from KontroKulturaHe forgot that he had won a million euro on the Lotto and do not withdraw, it now runs the risk of not having the most right to win. Here is this player Has had the good fortune of winning an astronomical sum of money on the Lotto a million euros, but forgot to withdraw...


Supernalotto, Luino center a 5: with only two euro wins over 82mila euro

Great surprise this morning to Alessandro Camagni, manager of the bookies 425, located in via Vittorio Veneto Luino, which this morning has seen come up in their local a young man who, excited, wanted to cash out the winnings. The luino area, kissed by the “Goddess of Luck”, she won, thanks to a 5, 82716,21...

The Superenalotto prize pool to the earthquake victims, on Facebook to the absurd request

The idea on the Superenalotto is suggestive of course, everyone would like to help by sitting behind the keyboards who two nights ago was hit by the earthquake, the inhabitants of Amatrice and the other countries involved, but this remains an idea and, above all, to anything valid. On Facebook many friends...