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Sunday Live advances October 13, 2019: envelope shock, Mary Poppins, and much more

What we will see in the episode of Sunday Live broadcast on the 13th of October 2019? As always, the spoilers come directly from Barbara d'urso that in the episode of the Afternoon Five in the air today has given the first rumors about what will happen on Sunday. Among the guests of an episode of Sunday...


Mercedesz Henger panic attack live, Sunday live, and denies all allegations

In the episode of Sunday Live broadcast on 6 October 2019, Mercedesz Henger was a guest of Barbara d'urso to respond to the accusations made by his mother, Eva. As you know, in fact, the two hot girls from the magazine New first, and then from the living room of Barbara d'urso denounced in terms of the...

Schedule Channel 5 fall 2019: the dates of the beginning of all programs aired

The summer makes us “detoxify” from the classic program of the day time as we do from September to June, but the curiosity to know when they will be back on tv is always so much of it! Today we speak of the schedule of Channel 5 with all the dates of the beginning of the most loved and followed: by the...