Sunday guests

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Sunday 3 may 2020: Mara Venier between the guests and the recipe of the gateau potatoes

The entire kitchen! After the great success of the recipes Iginio Massari Mara Venier continues to bring in his Sunday IN the kitchen so beloved by the audience at home. Today, a new protagonist, after the two sweet recipes is salty! The episode opens with the famous chef Gennaro Esposito, who will discover...


Mara also aired at Easter: the guests on Sunday IN the April 12, 2020

Fortunately there is aunt Mara! In this April, which seems to be June, for what concerns the television programming, there are some beloved programs, but fortunately, resist! Among these, there is Sunday, which continues to offer some distraction, and healthy lightness as we are reminded by Mara Venier,...

Sunday IN anticipations

The Sunday of Rai 1 is not Sunday without Mara Venier! And will be aired tomorrow a new episode of the Rai 1 Sunday programme. What we will see in the episode of Sunday IN the first of December 2019? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal to us the names of all guests arriving in the living room...