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‘Forgotten by everyone...’: that's how it is reduced to live, Lamberto Sposini to 7 years after the stroke

The former journalist TG5 as you know after the stroke had in 2011? Seven years have passed since that April 29, 2011, when Lamberto Sposini was behind the scenes to go on the air with the container, a television. A special race de live life because on that occasion was to be broadcast the royal wedding...

The cerebral stroke that has affected Emanuele Spedicato: symptoms and prevention

The cerebral hemorrhage that struck the guitarist of Negramaro has of the signs precise. Stroke: Emanuele Spedicato struck by a cerebral haemorrhage Monday, September 17, Emanuele Spedicato, guitarist of the band Negramaro, was struck by a stroke of the brain. He felt a very strong headache, and alerted...

The Eggs are the secret weapon against stroke

An egg a day keeps the stroke away. According to a new study, the eggs, often accused to contribute to increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood, help to prevent stroke. The study in question was conducted by the EpidStat Institute Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has been published in the Journal of the...