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Thursday and Friday general strike, planned discomfort. Autolinee Varesine does not adhere

In reference to the agitation proclaimed by some trade unions of the basis of the sub-fund transport for Thursday 25 and Friday 26 October, Autolinee Varesine communicates that the company does not adhere to this strike: therefore, in these two days, the service will adjust both the urban network of...


Lake Maggiore, employees, former NLM on strike “Against the severe cuts on wages”

“That wages would be the stumbling block more arduous to overcome in the context of negotiations for collective employment contracts, employees in the former NLM knew it very well. For this were and are ready to negotiate this sensitive component. Four rounds of negotiations, the trade unions, SEV, UNIA,...

Rome strike means 8 march 2018 women's day: the hours and the means are blocked, the latest news and updates

Strike 8 march 2018 in Rome, the public transport was blocked. Also the Capital has chosen to pre-announce a black Thursday in the world of the means to a day in which probably the women who work have very little to celebrate. Great hardships await for the day of the Feast of the woman. Both bus and...