Stranger Things

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Stranger Things: this is how you are born-again (on-set) the legendary ’80s

Waiting to finally be able to return to Hawkins with the third season of Stranger Things, Netflix continues to give us the goodies about the acclaimed TV series created by the brothers Duffer. The new featurette of the behind-the-scenes of Stranger Things 2 we know the creative team that has “brought...


Effect Stranger Things on the Read Waffles: Kellogg s has tripled the sales of the pods!

It is well-known as more and more film and television productions, go to “product placement”, the placement of a brand or of a product time in the narrative context of the work, to forfeit the considerable financial resources of the companies concerned. But still more frequently happens that the reputation...

Millie Bobby Brown wins a MTV Movie & TV Awards, and lashes out against bullying

The star of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, won last night the MTV Movie & TV Awards, and has taken advantage of the opportunity to talk about bullying. A theme that has affect you directly a few days ago, when the young actress took the decision to cancel his very active Twitter account because...