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Sting: when a rockstar becomes a host-star

Many know the rock star Sting, but few know that the artist is also a host-star with his estate, with 6 lakes, vineyards and olive groves are cultivated in monoculture and in accordance with the principles strictly bio that includes a guest house with 6 outbuildings and room for about 50 seats. “A couple...


The Madonna concert tonight on Channel 5: the Rebel Heart Tour to the sound of music

Channel 5 returns to host the great music in prime time with a real event. An appointment not to be missed tonight with the concert of Madonna in wave on Channel 5, and not only for his fans but also for the audience that loves the great international pop stars! And it doesn't end here because both the...

Puncture contraceptive “on the spot”: the gel blocks the sperm for six months

It is in the format of gel to the new hope on the front of the contraception in the male. Does not smudge, but it injects ‘on-site’, a product last year that has already been successfully tested in rabbits, and now it seems to work long-term on the monkeys. In an american study of 16 Rhesus macaques,...