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A statue of Jeff Goldblum in the role of the sexy Ian Malcolm has appeared at the London

Today, in addition to the Big Ben, the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, tourists can pose and have their picture in front of the statue of Jeff Goldblum, who was recently inaugurated on the banks of the river Thames. In London on the banks of the river Thames, is a gigantic statue...


From Pop Culture Shock, coming to the statue of Guile from Street Fighter II

It will arrive during the spring of 2019, the new statue of Guile, the famous wrestler of the stars and stripes from Street Fighter, made by Pop Culture Shock.The unmistakable hairdo (which will allow you to use the figures as it was a very comfortable and expensive port glasses), Guile made his debut...

Fantastic animals: from Prime 1 Studio is a tender replication Pickett!

Prime 1 Studio has announced the arrival of a beautiful statue replica of Pickett, the Bowtruckle (a creature the guardian of the trees) that we have seen accompany Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) in the first film of the movie franchise Fantastic beasts and Where to Find them.Made under official license...