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Frost from Panicucci: “She's not giving it away right now because...” the sentence shocks

Federica Panicucci remains of salt during the episode of the Morning 5 In the Morning programme 5, conducted by Federica Panicucci, scene is the gossip weblog GF Vip. Many of the guests, but one in particular creates some confusion during the transmission. Speaking at this time is the mother of Giulia...


The Island of the famous 2016, the partner of Simona Ventura against the perpetrators: "be Ashamed"

With a post written on your page Facebook (private, but the Free daily has published the screenshots of spreading content on the web), Gerò Carraro, mate Simona Ventura, he lashed out against the authors of the famous Island 11. The tough stance would, as reconstructed by our colleagues, in particular...

Bosco Vida: "With Jonas Berami we are just friends, Simona Ventura is a beautiful host, but his place is here"

It is highlighted in the study de The island of the famous 2016 for the eccentric way of making the look whimsical, as well as for cheering on ardent friend, Jonas Berami, who was shipwrecked in Honduras. Let's talk about the Forest Cobos, name art Wood Vida. I already spoke to him, revealing to...