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Of the small Star Wars fan in a wheelchair was touched by the SDCC 2018 with 7 fantastic cosplay

Comes from the San Diego Comic con 2018, the story of 7 little Star Wars fan in the wheelchair who, with their cosplay, they have touched and excited the participants of the famous festival nerd. The story, already become viral in the network, is that of the non-profit organization Magic Wheelchair that...

Star Wars: Episode IX, Mark Hamill joking about the fact that maybe he will not be there?

At the end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi both those who have praised the film, both the fans of old that have not been completely satisfied by the film of Rian Johnson, were disappointed and baffled by the, albeit epic, the”disappearance” of Luke Skywalker, for many, the only true “last Jedi” and extreme...

Star Wars the Last Jedi the Visual Dictionary on offer on Amazon

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has also caused disputes within the fandom of Star Wars, even with someone who has launched a campaign to create a remake of Episode VIII, is the fact that like every other Star Wars film is the synthesis of a huge job that involves the writers, producers, visual artists, illustrators,...