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Cross-country skiing, Cunardo you back on track. A start to the season with the “flakes”

It was the beginning of a season of great success for the mountain cottage and Country of Cunardo and for the Ski Club of the country, from a few days back on track along with all the fans of the territory at the plant via Bedero. Snowflakes projected on the surface of the historic structure, which seventy...

The game, a project to develop the calcium concentration. The protagonist of the luino area Max Cocomazzi

Sport is essential for the health and the daily lives of children, as well as physical activity for adults. Do it in the best possible way is crucial, to educate themselves to the movement, since childhood. And it is precisely in this context, the program the Game (where Gio is going to John, and John...

Luino Volley, victory and the three points of gold, from travel to Carimate. Vigato exceptional, 30 points

The Cumdi Luino Volley, it makes a nice Christmas gift coming from the field of Carimate in your pocket three important points for the ranking, at the end of a test, vigorous, and well played in all departments. Despite some absence, so important in the roster (El Amiri, Judge, and Genoni), the girls...