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Sport to do as a couple to improve the relationship

There are sports which, if practised in pairs, they can improve the relationship. After many years of relationship, it is possible that the tune is lacking. Do sport, in addition that do well to the body and mind, can be healthy for life. With physical activity we can free from the daily stress. But...

Sport in pregnancy, can you bike?

Sport in pregnancy, can you bike? With the beautiful days, pregnant women used to do sport they might want to do a nice bike ride. Are there any contraindications? In fact during the 9 months of waiting, unless there are contraindications, to do sport can do really well. It is important to choose activities...

Cross-country skiing, Cunardo you back on track. A start to the season with the “flakes”

It was the beginning of a season of great success for the mountain cottage and Country of Cunardo and for the Ski Club of the country, from a few days back on track along with all the fans of the territory at the plant via Bedero. Snowflakes projected on the surface of the historic structure, which seventy...