Spirit of the ice

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Deck Arena 11, Leagues: Rocket, Princess, Barrel, Goblin, Knight

A deck that is becoming more and more popular, this is what we are going to describe: thanks to the cost is very minimal combined with the versatility, immense will bring disadvantage to automatic your rival. Let's discover together the Deck for Arena 11 and Alloys: Rocket, Princess, Barrel, Goblin,...


2 the Best Deck for Clan Battles-to-use: Executioner, Tornado, PEKKA, Poison

A combination of Deck really terrific that we have personally tested on our skin: with the use of particular cards that are not commonly used in the battles between Clan associated with other cards as reinforcement, victory is almost assured. Discover the 2 best decks for Battles between Clans to use...

Deck, Arena 10, Arena 11 Giant Royale, the Barbarians Chosen, the Spirit of the ice

The best way to get to the Arena 11, Arena Legendary, and the 4000 cups to access the Alloys of the Clash Royale is to exploit and climb into the Arena 10, Mount wild Boar, to accumulate huge experience of combat, and that's one of the best decks in circulation.