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Abuse of a dominant position, Apple proposes an agreement to the Antitrust Korean

Apple has proposed a settlement agreement with the Fair Trade Commission of South Korea, following accusations of a dominant position vis-à-vis mobile operators in the country. In 2016, the Antitrust authorities in korea has accused Apple of having imposed on mobile operators three requirements are unjust...


Lucy Hale has a special cup for his coffee

Photo: @ Instagram/ Lucy HaleWho would have ever thought that the “cup” could be an excellent container for the coffee? Of course we do not speak of the classic MUG, but more commonly of the toilet that someone has turned into a plate of breakfast.To test it for ourselves, we thought amusingly Lucy Hale...

North Korea and geopolitics asian Social Theatre. The great interest of the high school luinesi

(Eco del Varesotto) Matinèe at the sign of history, the current one at the time, the request by a group of high school students who want to “learn more”. So on Monday, January 22 at the Teatro Sociale, the classes of the high school clear are found to be involved in a fascinating history lesson, not...