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GF Vip 4, behind the offenses of G.'aruta there is always the hand of Elijah? The thought of Licia Nunez

Antonio Zequila, Licia Nunez and Teresanna Pugliese come together to chat inside the house of Big Brother Vip 4. The main argument? Sossio'aruta but not only. Zequila would not have appreciated in the slightest way of joke, Marx referred to him. The mode of a joke Marx, on the contrary, has offended...

Violent quarrel Sossio-Teresanna. The Apulian attack: “you're a dog”, 'aruta responds: “the Dog which is with you”

Fly rags, and not only in the house of Big Brother VIP 4, even if it is only one week to the final. Tempers rise and fights are the order of the day. A few hours ago, once again, the protagonists of a fight that we would have willingly spared, were Sossio'aruta and Teresanna Pugliese that if they are...


Big Brother Vip 4, clash the pacific between Marx and Zequila: “Two lions in a cage”

Now we understand it all, Sossio'aruta and Antonio Zequila are the two undisputed leaders of this fourth edition of Big Brother Vip. A few hours ago, the two competitors in the house most watched of Italy, clashed in a fun discussion in which there were then, also, Paul Ciavarro, and Patrick Ray Pugliese...