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The invasion of the influencers: why Instagram is a goner | Stories

Who are the influencers and what are they for? The first difficulty lies in the term, too generic, and able to bring in anyone with a modicum of notoriety and a few followers, most of the "normal". The Treccani says: "Character popular Network, which has the ability to influence the behaviour and choices...

Arrives in Italy Facebook Movie

From today is available in the uk the function Facebook the Film, which allows you to check the film in the cinemas, buy the tickets and have lots of other info directly from the iPhone. Facebook Movie lets you see all the film shows in the vicinity, and perform other operations. The operation is simple:...

Luino, “Congratulations to the Pro-house initiative dedicated to the social, more commitment by the municipality”

“We wish to congratulate you with the new Pro Loco di Luino to have opened their business with a new initiative dedicated to the social. We commend the intervention of the mayor during the event designed to support Elisa Parrino, and for the handicapped, held at the theatre a few days ago.” With these...