Snow white

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Programming Christmas 2018, cartoons, Disney, Rai and Sky: come back Mary Poppins

Always missing less to the christmas holidays and, these days, will break the daily broadcasts for Rai and Mediaset. In preview, has been already unveiled the programming of Christmas 2018. We tell you immediately to be passed on numerous Disney classics especially on a network, Rai and Sky. We report...


Do not call them only princesses: here are the heroines of the Disney armed to the teeth

Forget the puffed sleeves, the fluffy skirts “meringue” style, the long eyelashes that frame looks dreamy and bright and, in general, the appearance by favor of china because now the Disney princesses are strong and far from delicate, while maintaining their undisputed and fantastic femininity. We admire...

Disney is planning to produce a movie about snow white!

In this period of remake of the film classic, Disney is planning a movie about snow white Recently, the transformation of the classic animated film real is taking well to Disney, having regard to the results obtained. According to THR, it would appear that the studio is making the first steps for the...