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Sister Cristina, Dancing with the stars 2019: the public is divided, and the controversies are not lacking

“You still have much more to see,” he said yesterday, Sister Cristina, Fabio Canino, who asked if sooner or later we would have seen dancing with his male partner and not only as a group. And in fact there is really a lot of curiosity around the upcoming performances of sister Cristina, Dancing with...


Dancing with the Stars 2019: Guillermo Mariotto defends Sister Cristina and quotes the Bible

And now almost a month that the name of Sister Cristina is likened to the role of a competitor on Dancing with the Stars 2019 and yet they are still in a lot of those who criticize the choice of a sister to compete in another talent show after The Voice of Italy. To take his defence this time we thought...

Dancing with the Stars 2019: Bonus and penalties for up to 4 competitors, the ranking

It ended the first episode of Dancing with the Stars 2019: the talent show of Rai, conducted by Milly Carlucci. In this debut, the mistress of the house and the trusty Paul Beautiful have literally given the way to the dances: the thirteen competitors vip have performed one after the other beccando praise...