Simone barbato

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Simon Barbato, to True: from the Island of the famous peace with David,

Among the guests of the episode of True broadcast on the 7th of April 2018 there has also been a former castaway in addition to Franco Terlizzi, but between the two there was no face-to-face. Let's talk about Simone Barbato, and yet things between the two there would have been to say, but probably, for...


The island of the famous ' 2018 news: lite furious, Simone Barbato accusation Amaurys Perez want to beat

Time passes for the shipwrecked and hunger begins to be felt, you fight really for everything, even for the smallest things. As you may have seen, in the episode Island of the famous 2018 aired in the day time of April 27, there was a lite really very strong between Amaurys Perez and Simone Barbato....

The island of the famous ' 2018 news: Simone Barbato discovered by the castaways will be eliminated?

Latest news from the Island of the famous 2018-at The end of the mime just didn't make it. Considering that in the day time we see generally on the Island of the famous happens the day before, we can say that Simone Barbato has only survived a couple of days after the direct. Its mission is failed: the...