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Big Brother Vip 2017: Christian and Simona, first sparks

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThree full days inside the House of Big Brother Vip 2017 are sufficient to trigger the first discussions and give life to a lite completed, however, with signs of peace. The protagonists are Christian Malgioglio and Simona Izzo, who many already see as the possible finalists...

Jessica Biel is a snack in the shower

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jessica BielIf you happen to have a snack in the bath to shorten the time before leaving home, know that you are in good company.In recent days Jessica Biel was a guest of the program conducted by Jimmy Fallon, but he has made so late as to have decided to eat directly in the shower...

Rugby, three juveniles attempting to film in the shower young referee woman: 15 months disqualification

The story is very sad, that took place in Rome, after the conclusion of a game of youth rugby, including the Legio Invicta and The Eagle. Result in the second plan, because three juveniles, have tried to shoot the referee, the woman, an 18 year old girl, while she was the shower in the locker room. The...