Shot on iphone

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The campaign called “Shot on iPhone” goes on tour with 16 artists from around the world

The new campaign video “Shot on iPhone” are among the most beautiful ever made for these commercials, seen the following on a tour of 16 bands and singers from around the world. All the videos were made by users with the iPhone XS, with the help of additional hardware and software, and are identified...


Experiments with water, the new video “Shot on iPhone – Experiments”

Apple has released a new video in the series “Shot on iPhone” dedicated to particular experiments. The video was commissioned by Apple and produced by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET. It is a series of experiments with the water recorded using an iPhone XS. Apple has...

Apple released three new commercials with a football theme for the campaign “Shot On iPhone” [Video]

In the wake of the content devoted to the World of Football currently in progress, Apple has released three new commercials for its advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”. These show content from Australia, Japan and the Berlengas Islands.All three of the videos were obviously recorded using an iPhone,...