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Because the sneakers stink and how to fix the problem

Unfortunately it is true, the sneakers in general can form the bad smell after a few weeks from first use. Especially when they are worn continuously and for sports. Is certainly very much also by the quality of the shoes, but you know that sooner or later all happen to have the shoes that stink. As...


The wife of Paul Bonolis in the storm: ‘Vergognati, shoes chanel for a 12-year-old?’

The wife of Paul Bonolis is usual to stir up scandals with his posts on social. Sonia Bruganelli attracts the hater as honey, here is what was his latest find, The beautiful wife of the host of ‘Scherzi a parte’, Sonia Bruganelli continues to be talked about. The wife of Paul Bonolis is the usual share...

Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian on Instagram

One frame of the video posted by Sofia Vergara on InstagramWhat unites Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian?Ok, the “curves” may sound like the correct answer, but not in this case! To unite the two personalities on american Tv, in fact, is a pair of shoes for a transparent Vergara showed off just recently.Photo:...