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Forcora: completion of the construction of the shelter to the snow cat. Fall down the first flakes

A little less than a year from the official opening of the ski slope of the Forcora, Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca, another piece goes to define the completion, and the revival of the only ski resort in the province of Varese, where I completed recently for the construction of the shelter to the largest...


Marco Carta in the hospital revealed the reason for the hospitalization of the singer

Charter mark, the singer sardo was in the hospital. A news that has made you worry a lot of the fans, who did not know the reason for his hospitalization. To remove any doubt, came to the interview of her grandmother Elsa to the weekly Ofmore. Here's what he said. Marco Carta in hospital: fans worried...

Turin, the Third Category after racist insults injured player. “I was defending mate”

Racism in the Third Category of turin, where a football player was beaten up and sent to the hospital to be defended from the insults a teammate of color. Reported a fracture in the part of the orbital upper, at the height of the eyebrow, and was operated. Now is hospitalized. Turin, the Third Category...