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Pensions reform the latest news: a year of contributions for every child, gets the proposal

Pensions reform latest news comes an interesting proposal: to recognize one year of contributions for each son had. This is what emerged in the end of the week, September 21-22 2019, in Lecce, in the course of Job Days organised by the Cgil. To speak of the pensions reform, and, above all, of the issues...


Pensions share 100 latest news: what will change after the resignation of Giuseppe Conte?

After the sting of the day: August 20, 2019, which saw the resignation of Giuseppe Conte, premier of the Government, Yellow-Green, the day after brings with it the questions and the doubts of those who want to understand what is going to happen now. What will become of the measures taken by this government...

Pensions, latest news, 7 December: portion 100, portion 41, the extension option woman

The latest news today December 7, 2018 regarding the reform of the early retirement 2019 are finally positive. The two deputy prime minister, Salvini and Maio, have reassured the pensionandi on share 100. Claudio Durigon has confirmed the stop of life expectancy for all early retirement pensions. But...