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The 10 selfie the most sexy Instagram

Useless to deny it: in the beginning it was she, Kim Kardashian. She is the first to have transformed the selfie (i.e., the self-timer is carried out with the mobile phone) in a real art – and he also hath written a book. An art is particularly sexy. It was she, the unattainable queen of the selfie unveiled,...

10 hot girls to follow on Snapchat

Facebook, Instagram, all passed (or almost): the new social is Snapchat. That is, tell the users, it's a chat time (a lot) given: its contents are destined to vanish without a trace. Fortunately or unfortunately, because it is precisely for this feature, Snapchat is without a doubt the social more the...

The teacher is the most sexy of the world was fired

It seems the title of a comedy scollacciata the Seventies, the new name of Bud Laird, a couple of days it jumped to the headlines as a “teacher support the most sexy of the world” – avercene, tutor as well, in fact. The twenty-one year old English, however, has become known more for her beauty, because...