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Every hedgehog is a whim. The intimacy of Martina

Martina Polini, athletic swimmer test tube, a body exciting and a cascade of curls... The saying goes, “every hedgehog is a whim”, and we don't know which are his whims, but one thing we know for sure. He loves to take a look. Enjoy the photos Model: Martina Polini Photographer: Alex Aldegheri


Sex: how to prolong foreplay longer

1. Undress slowly turns, looking in the eyes. 2. Turn on the Tv on the game of football and fondling until the 90th minute. 3. Change the channel on Grey's Anatomy and catch up until the end of the episode. 4. Practice a massage on the whole body. 5. Synchronize your breaths and limonare for half an...

How to organize a feast in erotic

If you are attracted by the idea of organizing an orgy, and love the idea of transgression, there is nothing wrong with that. However, the planning of certain parties is rather delicate. Here, then, are 10 tips for a party at all sex to be perfect. 1. Is the party here? Select ber good guests. Invite...

Sex and happiness do not always pair up. How to do?

1. It is not true that marriage decreases the desire In spite of what we think of commonly, married couples are much more sex single. According to research from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, in the last year, 68% of the single has not had sexual intercourse, while among the married,...

Las Vegas, couple arrested for sex on the ferris wheel

The couple, she is 21 years old and he 27, he wanted to perhaps add the thrill in the thrill in the cabin of the ferris wheel, Caesars Entertainment of Las Vegas. Chloe Scordianos and Frank Panzica III were spotted from below, completely naked, while satisfied smoked a cigarette post coitum. Immediately...

How to plan an orgy in a small town. The video

Funded in part thanks to the crowfunding, How To Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, the independent comedy the canadian film director Jeremy Lalonde is increasingly appreciated by public and critics in North America. The secret is maybe that there is so much hunger for films with a look about sex and eros...