Seventh bet

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Le tre rose di Eva 4 advances to the seventh bet: who is the real Christina? Alexander destroys the Aurora?

Bet pre christmas one de Le Tre rose di Eva 4 aired next week on Channel 5. Back on 21 December 2017 with the seventh episode of The three roses of Eva-4: still a lot of questions that the public that follows with passion the fiction it is. In the next installment, as they reveal the advances of the...


The Paradise of the Lord 2 Advances: Peter part with Rose, Teresa leaves?

With the departure of Rose, it seemed that the life of Peter and Teresa were to return on the tracks of love and, in fact, between the two, there was again clear. The anticipation for the seventh episode of the Paradise of The lord 2 reveal to us that Teresa and Peter had taken a very important decision,...

The island of the famous 2017 news: Paola Barale remains by Raz, Moreno solo and Samantha regina leader

There was indeed a lot of things in the seventh installment of the famous Island 2017 aired on march 14 on Channel 5. It was the night of Raz Degan and Paola Barale, who will pass along a bit of time on the Island. It was a bet in which it is spoken of intrigues, of Rome, well thanks to the comments...