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Series A, Bowling-green: the Upper part of flies in the first of the season. Perugia beat

(Article by Roberto Bramani Araldi) The great patron Diego Basile had said with force, with conviction: “we will Sell dear the skin, it will not be easy to come to Hertfordshire to do low man!” and so it was the first day of the championship between the Upper part and A. P. E. A. Perugia. The perugians...

The Luino Ladies to sneak the second, St. Augustine falls in Germignaga under the blows of Gega and Consonni

After the debut is convincing and the first away win, on the field of Caronno, the Luino Ladies present themselves in the best possible way also in front of the home crowd. With the second round of the championship, staged in Germignaga in the afternoon yesterday, the girls winged they did an encore...