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In the shopping cart of the Blogger: the Chestnuts

The chestnut is a typical fruit of this fall season, who doesn't know the roasted chestnuts, for example?But the chestnut is the fruit of countless properties, in the popular tradition has been used for a long time for therapeutic remedies, in the middle Ages, for example, used to combat migraine and...


In the shopping cart of the Blogger: the Grapes

The grape is considered by many as a “Miracle of nature“, the reason is soon told, is used in many sectors, not only food and of each grape and each leaf can be compared to a mini-pharmacy! It is refreshing, cleansing but also nourishing and energetic and has many therapeutic virtues, in short, a real...

In the shopping Cart of the Blogger: the Figs

Figs are among the most popular fruits due to their sweetness, many people do not know, however, that in addition to being delicious they are also rich in nutritional properties, are rich in fibers, sugars, vitamins and mineral salts, and for this they are a good source of energy is 100% natural, they...