Season 2018-2019

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Cross-country skiing, Cunardo you back on track. A start to the season with the “flakes”

It was the beginning of a season of great success for the mountain cottage and Country of Cunardo and for the Ski Club of the country, from a few days back on track along with all the fans of the territory at the plant via Bedero. Snowflakes projected on the surface of the historic structure, which seventy...

Excellence CSI, the Real Tresiana ready for the debut in the championship

New players, new organization and new stimuli for the Asd Real Tresiana that reappeared on the league CIS football at 7 for the start of the new year. Many of the new features that are included on the side of the solid support, represented by a dozen players, the foundations of the group, who have welcomed...


“Latitude”: art and the territory to a new level with Theatre on the outskirts and Space Yak

“Latitude is the angular distance of a point from the equator“, and it is the concept chosen as the reference from the Theatre on the outskirts and Space Yak to launch the new season of shows that, despite stories and different paths, it places the two companies along parallel roads which proceed toward...