Science fiction

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Fahrenheit 451, from a "cult novel" an exciting graphic novel

From devourer of science fiction books which are, in my life I have approached several authors, stimulated by their dialectic or their way of understanding science fiction. Even if I have developed an attachment visceral to Asimov for his vision of the robots, this has not prevented me to broaden my...


Nathan Never: the novel about the past of the agent Alpha

While in the kiosk we are reading the third mini-series dedicated to the Alfa agent, Nathan Never: the Generations, the passionate readers of the character of the stable Bonelli is going to get no less than at the bookstore with her first novel! Placed inside a series of volumes dedicated to the adolescence...

Angie Digitwin, the new heroine digital starts his adventure!

After a number zero, which he did immediately see how Angie Digitwin, the new series published by Panini, could represent a new way of understanding the Italian science-fiction, the first issue arrived on newsstands in these days, he became the first true step of the life of this new heroine, the perfect...