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SDCC 2018: The second season of The Orville you show in the first trailer

Announced last December, the second season of The Orville, the series sci-fi comedy (and with) Seth MacFarlane, inspired by Star Trek, it is shown in the preview during the San Diego Comic con 2018 with a long trailer. Explosions, new adventures and a bit of humour alien are the protagonists of the extended...


Alita: Battle Angel – Online, the teaser of the film of Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron

While we all were distracted by the arrival of the first trailer for Jurassic World: The Kingdom Destroyed, he came online (but rather slowly), also the teaser trailer of Alita: Battle Angel, the long-awaited sci-fi movie by Robert Rodriguez, produced by James Cameron and Jon Landau, the stretch of the...

After 20 years, an unprecedented behind-the-scenes of Starship Troopers arrives online!

Let's take a look at an impressive bug of Starship Troopers, in an unprecedented behind-the-scenes of the film which this year celebrates 20 years 20 years have passed since the Starship Troopers, the sci-fi film of the 1997 Paul Verhoeven, has landed in cinemas all over the world. Every time I talk...