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Friends. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

1/5Satomi Ichikawa, Friends, Ear acerbo2/5Satomi Ichikawa, Friends, Ear acerbo3/5Satomi Ichikawa, Friends, Ear acerbo4/5Satomi Ichikawa, Friends, Ear acerbo5/5Satomi Ichikawa, Friends, orecchio acerbo Books on your friends don't have enough. In a hectic world full of deadlines, commitments and needs...

Luino, in a meeting at the discovery of the “Guidelines for safe sport at school age”

Friday, April 7, at the Conference Room of Ubi Banca, in via Piero Chiara in Luino, starting at 17.45 will be held the lecture “Guidelines for safe sport at school age”. The event is organized by the municipality of Luino, from the “Clinical Center Massarenti”, “an enterprise Federation of National Health...