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How to change the schedule of Channel 5 by 2020: the calendar of the first evening

Publitalia has made known what should be the schedule of the Mediaset channels in the early evening from January 2020. And there are many confirmations but also a lot of news. We want to talk to you, in particular, of the schedule of Channel 5 with the first evening for the new year. Among the main novelties...


Schedule Channel 5 fall 2019: the dates of the beginning of all programs aired

The summer makes us “detoxify” from the classic program of the day time as we do from September to June, but the curiosity to know when they will be back on tv is always so much of it! Today we speak of the schedule of Channel 5 with all the dates of the beginning of the most loved and followed: by the...

Schedule fall 2019 Channel 5: here's what we'll see in September

Like every year, the month of July comes the presentation of the schedules of the next television season. And yesterday they were presented the schedules of all of the Mediaset channels with the latest news, programs, series, the reality show that will be aired starting in September. We deal, first of...