Sarah Squabbles

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Murder Sarah Squabbles, Sabrina Misseri out from prison: here's why

Sarah Squabbles continues to be talked about. The girl killed in Avetrana seems to not be able to have justice. The cousin may soon return in freedom Sabrina Misseri will be able to avail of a substantial discount worth,to issue the injunction was the Court of Surveillance of Taranto, which has accepted...


Murder Sarah Squabbles, the interception of Ivano Russo: “Sabrina approached me...” – VIDEO

Ivano Russo was a friend of the two kitchens, Sarah Squabbles and Sabrina Misseri. The three spend a lot of time together, and it seems that Sabrina had a crush on him. Here are the words of the girls came out only a few months ago The murder Sarah Squabbles continue to discuss despite the condemnations...

Crime of Avetrana, the turning point: the mother of Sarah Squabbles, it reveals who has killed his daughter

Even if you do not seem to be less, by the crime of Avetrana are passed already 8 years. Sara Squabbles was killed and we still don't know by who and why. Here's the truth of the mamam of teenager Sarah Squabbles would be a twenty-year-old today and if that August 26, 2010, her cousin, her aunt had not...