Sara Affi Fella

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Temptation Island 2017, Nicola Panic new tronista?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaFor the last couple that remained in the village of boyfriends to Temptation Island 2017 is coming to the moment of truth and one of the couples who did the most to discuss is the one formed by Nicola Panic and Sara Affi Fella. Many were ready to bet on the break, then...


Men and Women, Antonella Fiordelisi on the throne?

Feed Released from KontroKulturaThere are many names which are juxtaposed in the last few weeks as tronisti to the next edition of Men and Women for the Throne Classic Throne Gay. Among these, in the last hours is checked also Antonella Fiordelisi, the single temptress that Temptation Island 2017 is...

Temptation Island 2017, Nicola surprising Sara

Feed Released from KontroKulturaBetween the couples of Temptation Island by 2017 and more tormented we are, without a doubt, Sara Affi Fella and Nicholas Panic after the third episode of the docu reality show of Channel 5 are always the most poised, and the public, all from the part of the girlfriend....