Sanremo 2019

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The last and the chaos in the press room: the attack on the journalists who respond with insults

A show is not exciting what we have seen in the press conference post the final of Sanremo. Today, however, what happened to the Last if it only speaks for the offenses, and certainly heavy, that the singer has done to the journalists. To tell the truth, from the words of the Last it is easy to understand...


Mahmood is the winner of Sanremo 2019

In spite of the many bigs in the race, triumphed in one of the two competitors fished from Sanremo Giovani. No, we are not referring to Einar but Mahmood: singer italo-egyptian has made us dance around the the Ariston Theater, with her single “Money”. And to triumph the guy was not of course the televoting,...

Sanremo 2019: the complete ranking of the final

The Festival of Sanremo 2019 has just ended and we can finally enjoy to the full the complete list: the list, from the first to the twenty-fourth place decreed by the votes of the three juries, or by televoting, the jury of honor sitting in the audience and from the judgement of the Press Room.Leave...