Samuel peron

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Elisa Isoardi ready for Dancing with the Stars, but who will be his dancer? (Photo)

Elisa Isoardi has a lot of fear, Saturday, may 25, she will be the dancer for a night of Dancing with the stars, has prepared for a long but does not yet know who will be his dancer, his partner in the track (photo). Next Saturday the Isoardi dance in the early evening on Rai 1 under the watchful eyes...


Elisa Isoardi dancing the charleston, but for Samuel Peron seems to be an ibex, laughter in The proof of the cook (Photos)

Great party today at The trial of cook for the return of Samuel Peron, The test of the cook, but Elisa Isoardi is ready for her debut as a dancer (the Picture)? Of course the host of the cooking show on Rai 1 is very concerned about his night as a dancer in the program of Milly Carlucci, but he still...

Elisa Isoardi, with Samuel Peron evidence of dance live at La prova del cuoco (Photo)

It started with great laughter the preparation of Elisa Isoardi for Dancing with the Stars, with you to The test of the cook today there was Samuel Peron, the protagonist of the Saturday night show di Milly Carlucci (photo). The Isoardi has never made a secret of not being very capable on the ball and...